God of the Oni, and husband to Saiyuki, Gandhara was a lesser god of the God Clan charged with guarding Princess Yamato, a spirit imprisoned by the God Clan. 

He believed that by killing Kurohime, he would be able to become a High Class God. He is killed by her Level 5 Sword Dragon Bullet.


With massive arms and a body as large as a mountain, Gandhara crushes enemies with massive and devastating blows. He claimed to have the strongest body in the God Clan, and was able to repel the level four sword dragon and the snake chain bullets with a flex of his muscles, though the Black God Wood was able to tear apart his hand.  His Gaki, angel like beings he creates, grow from his "hair" and attack humans who enter Hell, the prison within the volcano where he guards Yamato. Humans touched by Gaki turn into Oni, slaves who lose their minds and become immortal, running around chasing the Gaki for eternity in a game of tag. Gandhara was able to turn the Gaki in his hair into spikes, and shoot them out to attack, as well as using the spike on the top of his head as a drilling spear. 

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