Yashahime human

Yashahime, a High God

A race or clan of beings who use Sacred Power. They are the creators of Humans, and their power works differently from Magic.


Within the God Clan, according to Dark Ray, there is a heiarchy, Lesser Gods such as Moai the god of the mountain, or Shirohime the goddess of compassion, are the lowest. Despite this they are still capable of amazing feats, Moai able to move and entire mountain of rock with ease. 

High Gods, such as Dark Ray and Yashahime, are much more powerful than lesser gods and have greater power as such. Both Dark Ray and Yashahime have killed Lesser Gods for failing or for betrayal, so High Gods seem to have far more authority. They can also have followers called Angels, which are higher than humans but lower than gods. 

The final type are the Supreme Gods, such as Igudo, are capable of creating life; Gods and Humans. Higher Gods can become Supreme Gods by consuming all of the power and life on planets. Supreme Gods are the rulers of all gods.


The God Clan travels the universe searching for planets that have developed Nature Power. First, the Supreme God will create humans and populate the world they have found with them, and as humans are incompatible with nature, this will weaken the planet. The Gods will incite chaos, doing so on Earth by promising that the ruler of all humanity could join the God Clan, which created a centuries long war, this weakens the planet further and keeps humans infighting and under god control. The Gods also find the Spirits, forces of nature natural on every planet, and seal them away, stealing their power and using it to make themselves stronger, as well as telling all humans that Spirits are actually wicked Demons. 

After a planet is sufficiently weakened, a chosen High God will absorb the entire planet, killing all humans in an apocalypse and trancending into a Supreme God, spreading the power of the God Clan further.

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