The Kurohime Punishment Squad is a group of people who are hunting down Kurohime for various wrongs she has done for them. They follow her to the past, where they eventually drop their charges against Kurohime for various reasons.

Members Edit

She is angry at Kurohime for the death of Darkray, her former leader. However, she, at the requests of her fellow members, drops her charges. She later truly drops her charge after Yashahime admits to killing Darkray herself.
Before reaching Heaven, Kurohime had killed countless numbers of people, one of which was Ouka's father. However, after going to the past, the future Ouka accidentally kills her own father after he attacks her, and Kurohime (of that timeline) takes the blame anyways.
Barahime lost her physical body in a fight against Kurohime. As revenge, she possesses a girl named Yuuka, but only partially, and was defeated again. She later re-possesses Yuuka, this time completely. However, in a fight in the past, Barahime is killed and Yuuka joins Kurohime's side.
Aika is pursuing Kurohime for making her boyfriend, Saika, go astray. As a punishment, Aika took away Saika's "most important thing". After Kurohime saves Saika from the Shinigami, Aika drops her charges against Kurohime.
Aika's boyfriend, who cheated on her and got his "most important thing" taken away. He wants to defeat Kurohime so he can get it back.
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