A member of the god clan and the goddess of villages and food, Kyoukahime tried to eat Kurohime on her way to free spirit Byakko. She was killed by Kurohimes magical cannon.

She took great pride in her cooking, and her favorite food was fattened humans.


Kyoukahime took the form of an entire village, with her body being a large monsterous face inside the ground. Her open "mouth" contained a village filled with delicious intoxicating food that caused humans to become obease, and a hot sping filled with digestive acids as well as a false human shaped body embedded into the ground. She was able to make her human body transform its limbs into knives and chopsticks to eat her human victims, and was able to control the village in ways including making a cage like fence appear, or flooding it with the acids.

Her true form was only revealed when she thought a meal might escape, causing teeth to explode from the ground around the village and for a monsterous maw to close on the entire land, eating whatever was inside. 

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