Moai's original form

God of the Mountain, Moai, is a Lesser God from the God Clan. He is the god of a twin peaked mountain in the God Continent, or main land, and is worshiped by a village between the peaks. He is killed by the combined efforts of Kurohime, Zero, and Asura.


Moai was, as a god, able to control rock and earth within his territory of the mountain, which he used his Sacred Power to make into a Sacred Land. The rock the mountain was made out of, which was directly possessed under his power, could not be used by Kurohime to make her earth dragons, as he was able to control them. Moai was able to control the entire mountain as if it was his body, while his real form remained in the middle. He was able to create and Avatar of himself to attack enemies on his mountain by shooting large crystal shards at them, and while using the entire mountain to attack, blasted large jets of steam, and used his massive weight and power to destroy Kurohime's steel three headed dragons.



Mountain Body

Moai took many forms during his appearance in the first arc of Kurohime. His first, the avatar, was destroyed by Kurohime and Asura. This forced him to use his second form, the full mountain body. This body was destroyed by Kurohime's spell, involving five earth dragons causing a massive earthquake. With his mountain reduced to rubble, Moai's true body was revealed.


His true form

Moai's true form, which was as small as a child, was made of rock and very weak. He was unable to control his sacred mountain, as it had been reduced to rubble, and was at Kurohimes mercy afterwards. With her Hulk Bullet, she broke his body to pieces and killed him, making him the first member of the God Clan to die. His fourth appearance in the series would be in a final form, as a ghost.


As a soul

While fighting Kurohime, Dark Ray summoned Moai's soul from the world of the dead to confirm she was the one who killed him, a grave crime. As a mere soul, Moai was no different from dead humans, as all beings (gods, humans, angels, and possibly spirits) become Ghosts when they die. He was not revived, and his soul was not destroyed.
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