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Kurohime Punishment Squad


Ouka (桜花 Ōka?) is another member of the Kurohime Punishment Squad. She has abilities that are similar to Kurohime's, such as summoning dragons as well as amazing skill as a sniper. In fact, her ability to fire witch bullets through sniping and retain high levels of control surpasses Kurohime's capabilities. As a child, Ouka was the princess of one of the kingdoms that was destroyed by Kurohime during her attempt to increase her magic in preparation for her assault on the gods. Later, at the Tower of the Gods, Ouka attempted and failed to murder Kurohime who spared Ouka and gave her a sword like witch-gun, telling her that if she really wanted revenge then she should learn to use magic. Unlike the other members of the Kurohime Punishment Squad, Ouka dislikes involving innocent bystanders but is willing to use any methods she deems necessary to kill Kurohime.

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