Saiyuki is the Demon Mother Goddess.


Saiyuki is a feline-looking goddess. She has tan skin and cat-like eyes. Her white hair is cropped short, and the two horns giving her power stick out just above her hair. Her top consists of a tiger-print, mock-neck midriff-baring top that just covers her large breasts. She wears a similarly-looking bottom.


Saiyuki intro

The introduction of Saiyuki

Saiyuki is the wife of Gandoro, the God that Kurohime had killed while meeting Yamamoto. Because of a huge prize for anyone who killed her, many villagers appeared in hopes of killing Saiyuki. However, they quickly flee from her, leaving Momohime to fight her.

Upon hearing that Momohime killed her husband, Saiyuki remarks that Momohime seems like another weakling, and that it was surprising that someone like her had killed Gandoro.

After fighting Momohime and losing, she becomes a human, as her horns (the source of her power) were cut off. As she makes a truce with Momohime, she is killed by Yashahime, who was seeking her revenge on Kurohime for killing Darkray.

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