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Sword (Soodo or Soudo in fan translations), also known as Reikahime (Princess Reika), was the former leader of the Shinigami Angel Death Squad. After Darkray and the rest of the Shinigami Angel Death Squad's deaths, Sword leads the Kurohime Punishment Squad. She has since lost her Shinigami Angel authority, as noted when the spirits of the dead do not obey her commands.


Earth in HellEdit

After the Kurohime Punishment Squad leaves the Sea Dragon, they notice that the world has turned into Hell, and the River Styx has flowed out, killing almost everything. The only place left is Asura's hometown, which is being protected by Yashahime.

She fights the insane Asura for a bit before retreating to Asura's hometown. There, she rests near a tree, talking to Seiryuu. They talk about the fate of the village, when Kurohime runs in, upset about the fact that she must kill Asura in order to complete her sword.

At that moment, Yashahime enters and fights Kurohime, revealing that she killed Darkray with her own hands. This changes Sword's mind about fighting her, and transforms herself into a sword to help Kurohime. However, even though Kurohime obtains the Wind Spirit King, who was really Seiryuu, she is killed Yashahime.

While Yashahime was busy with Kurohime, Sword takes Sara, who was watching the battle, and one of Kurohime's guns and flees. She delivers the news to those at the village. They then go with Marco Polo over to the Heavenly Door.

Return of ZeroEdit

Sword and the refugees reach Yamamotohime's mountain, where they find that she has shrunken to the appearance of a small child.

Suddenly, Sword notices someone's presence, and then a needle is fired at Yamamoto, but is shattered. Dark Zero then appears, ready to take out the refugees. However, Sword, Aika, Ouka, Yuka destroy them before being subdued by his shadow technique. As Zero is about to finish them off, Kurohime appears.

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